Title: Poster Tribune #2

Year: 2012

Theme: Music & Image

Language: English / Français

3 posters included (66 x 95 cm):
Wes Wilson, Hammer, Ruedi Wyss


Just because we work with our eyes does not mean our ears are unreceptive, quite the contrary, music is certainly one of our greatest inspirations. Since the dawn of time, man has produced images just as he has created music, it is certainly vital. These creations, visual or audio, are increasingly omnipresent and invasive. Thanks to technology, or rather because of the desire of abundance, they sometimes tie in with our daily lives in an insidious, aggressive and manipulative way. But let us not dwell on what depresses us, and let us talk rather about what drives us, motivates us and is central to our lives!

Contributors: Adeline Senn, Noémi Savary, Thuy-An Hoang, Martin Maeder, Jean-Charles Giroud, Ramaya Tegegne, Bettina Richter, Jonas Voegeli, Xavier Erni, Emmanuel Rey, Elvis Studio, Laurent Benner, Ismaël Abdallah

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